Arrowood Consulting

Case Studies

Examples of Situations Supported by Arrowood Consultants
  • A small not-for-profit, board led organization required an updated strategic plan in order to seek government and private sector funding.
  • A large financial services client required facilitated group discussions to initiate a major conference. While the client created the conference objectives and components, they sought a facilitated approach to allow all project team members the opportunity to fully engage in the preparatory discussions.
  • A government department providing agriculture programs required policy and program development support.
  • Management and board development processes were requested by various board led service organizations interested in elevating their leadership expertise. Our consultants provided a variety of instruments and processes to raise self awareness and strengthen team interactions.
  • Performance management program development and implementation. Several small organizations had no or informal performance review processes. Our consultants customized performance management programs that suited the respective organizations building on best practices gathered from current literature and previous experience.
  • Management transition support for service and not-for-profit organizations.