Arrowood Consulting

Our Process

Plan • Guide • Succeed Process™

We use the Plan • Guide • Succeed Process™ so clients know what to expect when working with our consultants. While every consulting engagement is unique, standard processes ensure that we can be creative in determining the best approaches to take with clients while remaining confident in delivering actionable results.

The following summarizes the Plan • Guide • Succeed Process™ that will ensure a successful project when working with you.

1. Situation Analysis
  • Facilitated approach to enable the client organization to identify current practices and issues
  • Organize via internal focus – strengths, weaknesses; and external focus – opportunities, threats
  • Synthesize information and report to client

2. Solution Builder
  • Clarify issues to address
  • Prioritize
  • Create agenda to proceed, selecting from a range of processes including
  • Group facilitation
  • Environmental scanning
  • Strategy brainstorming
  • Role clarification
  • Operations, strategic planning
  • Management / leadership / board development or coaching
  • Assessment: 360, management, board, individual
  • Operations process review
  • Futures planning

3. Your Project Gameplan
  • Customized project plan
  • Roles for all involved resources
  • Timelines, milestones for reviews, reporting

4. Our Management Approach
  • Project management focused
  • Service, action and results oriented
  • Offers unique tools and processes that are effective and simple to implement
  • Always open to finding different ways to problem solve
  • Clear and transparent in all communications with our clients and partners

5. Your Action Playbook
  • Action steps to achieve desired goals, execute strategies
  • Education / management development to leverage your strengths, extend your capabilities
  • Plans that are assignable, repeatable
  • Support to operationalize chosen decisions